Thursday, April 14, 2016

On 'Girls' the show - Or why this show is the most pathetic boring tripe that ony exists due to Lena Dunhams wealthy connections.

Ok, I'm not much of a "blogger" I admit. I've not kept up with this blog, although I seem to get some page views for some really old posts.

I dusted off the blog to vent on the bizarre critical success of the crap of a show known as "Girls". 

I gave it a chance, I really did. I watched a free HBO marathon to see what all the buzz was about. I tortured myself through four episodes. I thought maybe the first episode I watched wasn't representative, so I kept going.

Why would anyone do that to themselves? I'm no masochist, but I try to be open-minded. I really gave it a chance. But only a masochist would continue to watch past those four god-awful episodes.

I'm a woman, I'm white, I'm not rich or middle class. So I'm not sure if I'm the demographic. But I get the impression this is a show supposedly for the Everywoman.

Girls has been criticized for being focused on white wealthy women. Which isn't necessarily bad in itself in some contexts, it's just the fact that it's set in New York City and for some reason black and other minorities seem to not exist. Anyone who's been to New York, outside of Manhattan I guess, knows this is really bizarre.

I actually started wondering while watching if this show was a drama. Because it genuinely lacked any humor, jokes, any funny situations.  It never elicited a laugh or a chuckle or even mild amusement.  It was tedious, boring, with terrible writing. 

Lena Dunham seems to have figured out that she only has to pay lip-service to feminism by flashing her butt crack or other body parts at the camera, have explicit sex, and occasionally throw in a tepid Feminism 101 speech out of nowhere to have everyone falling all over her for her "bravery" and pro-woman cred.

Yeah she doesn't have a traditionally aesthetically pleasing body. So what. You can't build a whole show around that. It may seem brave for any other woman, but for the self-absorbed, entitled, asshole no talent that is Hannah/Lena Dunham (she's basically playing herself) it's most likely the result of being told her whole life her shit doesn't stink and the universe revolves around her.

Lena in her personal life, as described in her memoir, clearly has issues with not respecting other's boundaries She has little respect for her own sister and her privacy, from bribing her for kisses, taking pleasure in upsetting her in order to feel she can't function without her big sister, her delight in telling her sister bad news, to a controversial telling of Lena mysteriously finding a bunch of stones in her sister's vagina -- we are supposed to believe a one-year-old had the sophistication to understand she had a canal up inside her body and the dexterity to stuff stones into her own vagina as a "practical joke", and for some reason was expecting someone to look in her vagina to find this, in Lena's words, "practical joke."

Also Lena told her parents her sister was gay before Grace Dunham was ready to come out.

Such a lovely individual.

But we're supposed to think all this is edgy and cool, and that dislike for her character on Girls not to mention her personal shittyness is proof she "challenges" us.

Get real.

There have been characters in comedy who have been written as unlikeable and self-absorbed, but the difference is they were actually funny and had comic timing, and a well-written script.

Lena Dunham is none of these. She is an annoying ass in her public and private life. Girls isn't innovative, entertaining or even mildly funny. It's most like the result of the daughter of wealthy, hipster artists cashing in on her connections.

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