Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Courtney Love-Tom Grant phone calls April 1994 Part 2/2 (The Cobain Case...

He Claims He Was Leaving Me

"He claims he was leaving me." - Courtney Love on Kurt's note left for her, which she burned on advice from police...

Why would somebody tell you to get rid of that?" - Investigator Tom Grant
"Because it wasn't really nice... It talked about getting a divorce," Courtney replied

"I won't tell him I was never in the hospital." - Courtney went to the hospital with a bogus failed suicide attempt while Kurt was "missing". 
"It's gonna appear as if I attempted suicide."
"The people I had do this, (plant the phony story), I paid." - CL

Kurt Cobain was attempting to leave Courtney Love. She was having none of that. They had a pre-nup which left her with a much smaller amount of money. Kurt was worth multi-millions to her dead.

It's a common crime. It's not a wild "conspiracy" theory. It was spousal murder.

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